Lifex Composite Strapping

Lifex Composite Strapping

Lifex Composite Strapping

Composite Straps, also known colloquially as "synthetic steel", were developed using high-strength polyester threads embedded in a polymer coating. Available in a wide variety of widths and strengths, composite straps are emerging as one of the strongest of all non-metal strapping systems in the world. Due to its superior properties, composite straps can be used in heavy-duty applications and in difficult conditions. 


The features of our composite strap;

Excellent Break Strength;

Composite straps are produced using high-strength industrial polyester fibers. They are extremely reliable for all types of load securing, baling and packaging applications.

Safe to Use;

Composite straps, which have as high a strength as steel straps, are produced with polyester fibers, so they do not damage the strapped product during stretching and do not pose a safety risk when removing the strap.


Composite straps are light and practical products. It can be applied completely safely with easy-to-use hand tools without the need for extra precautions, and it can also be removed by hand.

Sensitive Product Packaging;

Composite straps do not damage the surface or corners of sensitive products in strapping and subsequent handling, shipping and storage operations. Composite straps do not rust, corrode and leave stains.

Elongation and Elastic Memory;

It is made of high-strength polyester threads, which is a strong elastic material. The elongation and flexural memory properties of polyester fibers allow the hoops to be perfectly stretched on any surface and to maintain their tension in subsequent operations.