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High Break Strength

Lifex ® is Produced 100 % with high tenacity industrial polyester cords and it is highly reliable in any kind of securing baling and palletizing application

Safe Usage

LIFEX ® does not cause any risk of injury during tensioning and removing the strapping because it is made % 100 out of polyester

Resistant to All Weather Conditions

LIFEX ® maintains its shape and tension completely under rigorous weather conditions. It is resistant to high tempature, ultraviolet rays and moisture.

Application With Low-Cost Hand Tools

Compared to other plastic straps, LIFEX ® can be applied with simple, light and trouble-free hand tools, which are typically inexpensive.

Delicate Packaging

LIFEX ® ensures no damage on the surface or at the corners of the delicate products.It prevents scratches does not corrode and stain.

Manual Application

LIFEX ® is a light and practical product It can be applied and removed by hand in complete safety without extra precautions.

Excellent Elongation and Elastic Memory

Elongation and elastic memory features of polyester cords allow LIFEX to be tensioned perfectly on any type of surface. LIFEX absorbs the impact forces which may occur during transportation and ensures the integrity of packages without breaking, at all times.

LIFEX Polyester Corded Strapping / Turkey
LIFEX Polyester Corded Strapping / UK/USA
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